Glitza Fashion - Glitter Full Set
Glitza Fashion - Glitter Full Set

Glitza Fashion - Glitter Full Set

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Full Set Fashion Glitter

GLITZA™ Glitter is perfectly formulated to create dazzling, precisely detailed designs. 

Held to the highest cosmetic quality standards, GLITZA™ glitter is non-toxic, cruelty free; and safe to use on skin, clothes and all the accessories you can think of!

It only takes one coat of this vibrantly pigmented shimmering glitter to turn ordinary items into something stunning. 

GLITZA™ Glitter is specifically engineered to prevent fly-away; staying exactly where you want it, for quick & easy clean up! 

Rich colors, a superfine texture and an assured quality of the finest cosmetic glitter is everything you need to express yourself through GLITZA™!


12 glitter pots 1g: Jungle Green, Turquoise Mermaid, Blue Lagoon, Black Diamond, Vintage Rose, Hot Pink, Red Carpet, Purple Dragon, Disco Fever, Golden Treasure, Cinnamon, Phoenix

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