Absolutely incredible, I have to say that I'm enjoying every second of my glitter experience. It's been amazing. Glitter is essential to life I've realized.

Lauren, United Kingdom

I had a great first GLITZA experience. I love arts and crafts, I love glitter, and it was a great combination of both. I would decorate so many more objects, household stuff.

Blair, United States

It was quite like calming and theraputic, so I could do this alone and be very focused on it. As a group it is more fun seeing what everyone is doing, and it can be a fun group activity.

Ailin, Hong Kong

It's applicable to any age range, I could see myself doing it with my parents or younger kids. I could definitely see myself take it out at any time to do a craft because it's really quick and easy.

Shelley, California

It was really quick to do, I thought it would take more time to get the glitter on, or that it would be hard to combine the colors, but it was so easy and it literally took no time.

Karoline, United Kingdom

It was loads of fun, it was a nice throwback to my childhood younger days. I feel like it is actually accessible to our age group as well.

Candy, Hong Kong

YeeeEEEEEeees! Because I loved those glittery things, they're so much to just paint them onto that sticky thing! And it was so much fun!

Amanda, 6 years old

My favorite design are the unicorn and the bracelets and the Eiffel Tower!

Kalesleigh, 7 years old

Party Ball was cool because there was loads of different storage and you can hide things from people, and you can store your glitter in there and also you can make new colors!

JJ, 9 years old

I like that you can have lots of glitter and lots of different colors and it's not just for girls. It can be for boys too!

David, 10 years old

TATZ was really fun because it's a new way to put tattoos on, but without it being painful to get off.

Oliver, United Kingdom

I thought it was great fun, it was brilliant, it was amazing. You could use it on so many different things. Yeah, it was just fantastic and the children loved it as well.

Samantha, Hong Kong

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