About us

We are creative children on a quest for craft supplies that don’t crumble.

We are young adults navigating a world of ever-changing trends.

We are parents searching for ways to enrich the lives of their children by spending quality time without the need for electronics.

We are inspired individuals looking for ways to express ourselves in every part of life.

With GLITZA™, you can do just that!

GLITZA is a product born from a desire for creative expression with a commitment to quality.

We are inspired by what our fans around the world are able to create with such a simple concept:

“Everyone deserves to let their sparkly personality shine through in the objects they choose to carry with them.”

The GLITZA team is passionate about bringing people of all ages, genders, and nationalities together.  We spend our days overcoming challenges to bring you the very best new designs and color combinations!

As part of the GLITZA Family, we are excited to see how you Discover Your Identity with us!